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    Erwin Schrödinger, On Life, Mind and Matter (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal), 191 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-998902-31-6 (ebook) - $7.00
ISBN: 978-1-998902-30-9 (softcover) - $18.20
ISBN: 978-1-998902-32-3 (hardcover) - $28.00

Edited by Svetla Petkova and Vesselin Petkov

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Published on 14 January 2024


The 80th book published by Minkowski Institute Press is a collection, which contains a new publication of two works by Erwin Schroedinger:
  • What is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell, Based on lectures delivered under the auspices of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies at Trinity College, Dublin, in February 1943
  • Mind and Matter, The Tarner Lectures delivered at Trinity College, Cambridge, in October 1956

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