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    Hermann Minkowski, Space and Time: Minkowski's papers on relativity (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal 2012), 134 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9879871-1-2 (ebook) - $7

ISBN 978-0-9879871-4-3 (softcover) - $15

Translated from the German by Fritz Lewertoff and Vesselin Petkov and edited (with an Introduction) by V. Petkov

Published (ebook) on 27 August 2012; Published (softcover on Amazon) on 6 December 2012

eBook: $7     Buy the ebook (PDF with hyperlinks)

Description: This is the first publication (in German or English) of Hermann Minkowski's three papers on relativity together:
  • The Relativity Principle - lecture given at the meeting of the Göttingen Mathematical Society on November 5, 1907. This is the first English translation (by Fritz Lewertoff).

  • The Fundamental Equations for Electromagnetic Processes in Moving Bodies - lecture given at the meeting of the Göttingen Scientific Society on December 21, 1907. New translation (by Vesselin Petkov).

  • Space and Time - lecture given at the 80th Meeting of Natural Scientists in Cologne on September 21, 1908. New translation (by Vesselin Petkov).

The free (pdf) version, which contains Minkowski's groundbreaking paper Space and Time, an Introduction and the first pages of the other two papers, is available here. A free epub version is available at Apple's iBookstore.

See: book cover and text on the back cover

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1, 2 March 2014 - Space and Time: Minkowski's papers on relativity is a bestseller in section Relativity Physics in France: