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Minkowski Institute

    Max Plank, The Philosophy of Physics (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal 2019), 86 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-927763-63-6 (ebook) - $7.00
ISBN: 978-1-927763-62-9 (softcover) - $15.0
ISBN: 978-1-989970-46-1 (hardcover) - $25.00

Translated by W. H. Johnston

With an Introduction by Michael J. Shaffer

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Published on 14 November 2019


This is a new publication of Max Planck's book The Philosophy of Physics (George Allen and Unwin, Ltd., London 1936).

What makes this book by Max Planck - one of the fathers of modern physics (Nobel Prize in Physics 1918) - invaluable is that he presents his entire world view - from the nature of scientific theories (how "the world image," given by a scientific theory, relates to "the world of the senses") to the origin of scientific ideas to the growth of scientific knowledge to the role of causality in science to the interaction between science and philosophy and faith and even to the issue of why "a suitable planning of school teaching is one of the most important conditions of progress in science." A wide range of readers can benefit from reading this book - from experts and students in science and philosophy (who will be exposed to a world view that made Planck one of the greatest physicists of all time) to everyone interested in science and philosophy because the book is written for a wide audience.


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