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    Max Planck, Where is Science Going? (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal), 175 pages

ISBN: 978-1-927763-61-2 (ebook) - $7.00
ISBN: 978-1-927763-60-5 (softcover) - $17.50
ISBN: 978-1-989970-56-0 (hardcover) - $27.00

Prologue by Albert Einstein
Translation and Biographical Note by James Murphy

21 January 2021 - this is the 50th book
by Minkowski Institute Press

Published on 21 January 2021

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This is a new publication of Max Planck's book Where is Science Going? (1932).

Two main reasons make the book very valuable even in 21 century:
(i) it is written by the founding father of quantum physics, and
(ii) the topics - Is the External World Real?, The Scientist's Picture of the Physical Universe, From the Relative to the Absolute, Causation and Free Will - are as important now as they were in 1932.

As it had always been Planck's intention that his books and "essays should reach a wider circle of readers," this volume should be of interest to physicists, philosophers of science, students and all interested in the foundations and philosophy of physics.

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