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   Editors, Hermann Minkowski and the Reality of Spacetime (Minkowski Institute Press).

ISBN 978-1-989970-15-7 (ebook) $5

ISBN 978-1-989970-14-0 (softcover) $18

If we cannot find editors, V. Petkov will have to edit the volume.

Publication date - tba

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Call for editor(s) and papers:

This volume will contain papers on whether or not Minkowski's arguments in his 1908 world-view-changing lecture "Space and Time" (based on the experimental evidence at that time) unambiguously prove that spacetime is real (i.e., that the concept of "spacetime" represents a real four-dimensional world).

The reason for the publication of this volume is the fact that since Minkowski's lecture, unlike the adoption of the developed by him four-dimensional (spacetime) formalism, Minkowski's arguments for the reality of spacetime have been ignored. Even worse - some physicists (unfortunately even relativists) claim that Minkowski's four-dimensional formalism is "just a description" and / or that the question of the reality of spacetime belongs to philosophy. But the majority of relativists appear to understand well that the dimensionality of the (macroscopic) world is not "just a description" and it is physics that determines it, not philosophy.

The only requirement for the submitted papers is that they must explicitly address Minkowski's arguments. Why? See abstract.

Authors will be able to comment on the other papers in the volume and to respond to criticism.

If interested contact mip@minkowskiinstitute.org


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