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    Bertrand Russell, On Science, Philosophy and Society (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal), 150 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-998902-29-3 (ebook) - $7.00
ISBN: 978-1-998902-28-6 (softcover) - $17.50

Edited by Svetla Petkova and Vesselin Petkov

Published on 8 November 2023

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This is a new publication of Bertrand Russell's books

The Impact of Science on Society (Blackie & Son, London 1944)

Scientific Method in Philosophy (Clarendon Press, Oxford 1914)

What makes these texts invaluable is that they are written by one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century with the intention to reach a wider circle of readers. Indeed, Russell has been widely regarded as "the most profound of mathematicians, the most brilliant of philosophers, and the most lucid of popularizers" at his time.

In addition to the examination of the changes to society brought about by science, Russell masterfully describes the scientific advancements in an adequate language accessible to the ordinary public. Also, as "philosophy, unlike science, has hitherto been unprogressive," he proposes a new way of doing philosophy.

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