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    Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal), 221 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-998902-23-1 (ebook) - $7.00
ISBN: 978-1-998902-22-4 (softcover) - $18.70
ISBN: 978-1-998902-24-8 (hardcover) - $28.00

Edited by Svetla Petkova and Vesselin Petkov

Published on 11 December 2023

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This is a new publication of Bertrand Russell's book The Scientific Outlook (George Allen & Unwin, London 1931).

This is one of Russell's most important books, because it deals with topics such as scientific knowledge (scientific method, scientific metaphysics, science and religion), scientific technique (in inanimate and animate Nature and in society) and "the scientific society" (to use his term) that can be of interest to scientists, philosophers and the general public.

Table of contents:

Part I: Scientific Knowledge
I. Examples of Scientific Method
II. Characteristics of Scientific Method
III. Limitations of Scientific Method
IV. Scientific Metaphysics
V. Science and Religion

Part II: Scientific Technique
VI. Beginnings of Scientific Technique
VII. Technique in Inanimate Nature
VIII. Technique in Biology
IX. Technique in Physiology
X. Technique in Psychology
XI. Technique in Society

Part III: The Scientific Society
XII. Artificially Created Societies
XIII. The Individual and the Whole
XIV. Scientific Government
XV. Education in a Scientific Society
XVI. Scientific Reproduction
XVII. Science and Values

What makes Russell's texts invaluable is that they are written by one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century with the intention to reach a wider circle of readers. Indeed, Russell has been widely regarded as "the most profound of mathematicians, the most brilliant of philosophers, and the most lucid of popularizers" at his time.

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