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    Christopher Duston, Marc Holman (Editors), Spacetime Physics 1907-2017. Selected peer-reviewed papers presented at the First Hermann Minkowski Meeting on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics, 15-18 May 2017, Albena, Bulgaria  

Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal 2019, 364 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-927763-49-0 (ebook): $5
ISBN: 978-1-927763-48-3 (softcover): $21.00

Published on 22 September 2019

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´╗┐The concept of spacetime is a cornerstone of Einstein's relativity theories, yet continues to present researchers with deep questions and difficult challenges. The current volume consists of articles commemorating the 110th anniversary of Hermann Minkowski's two lectures in 1907 which introduced the physical and mathematical foundations of four-dimensional spacetime. The volume aims to provide steps towards addressing the said questions and challenges. Contributing papers have effectively been classified into four main categories, each of which focuses on spacetime from a particular angle: classic foundational, "modified gravity", astrophysical/cosmological applications, and, finally, quantum aspects of spacetime. As such, the volume will be of interest to physicists working in fields such as cosmology, BSM particle physics and quantum gravity, to philosophers of physics working in the conceptual foundations of these fields, to students and, for that matter, to everyone who is interested in the ultimate nature of spacetime or in the ubiquitous role the spacetime concept plays in modern physical theory.

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