Second Hermann Minkowski Meeting on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics


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Welcome to Hotel Laguna Garden in the famous resort Albena - a paradise on the Black Sea coast

The Hermann Minkowski Meetings on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics bring together experts on spacetime physics and its foundations. The Scientific Organizing Committee hopes that these meetings will become one of the preferred biennial forums for reporting research results and having fruitful discussions with colleagues.

The Second Hermann Minkowski Meeting on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics will commemorate the 110th anniversary of the publication of Minkowski's lecture "Space and Time" in 1909, which presented the novel ideas of the four-dimensional physics of spacetime. In addition to technical papers on areas related to Minkowski's contributions to the foundations of spacetime physics and on modern ramifications of his ideas, contributions on closely related topics will be also welcome - for example, on the history behind the discovery of the spacetime structure of the world and on conceptual issues.

13-16 May 2019

Hotel "Laguna Garden" (****)
(near) Varna, Bulgaria

Organized by the Minkowski Institute (Montreal)

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There are two, among the many, must-see ancient archeological sites near Albena (part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) - the National Archaeological Reserves Kaliakra and Yailata.