The Minkowski Institute Magazine is one of the ways to work toward achieving three of the Minkowski Institute's goals: to inspire young people to pursue studies and careers in science - to provide continual science education for the general public in order that scientific culture becomes an inseparable element of the common culture of every individual - to promote science and science education as the best way to advance our civilization.

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Call for articles: Colleagues willing to write articles for the general public on any topic about the physical world of which they feel everyone should have some basic and accurate knowledge can contact us at

                Physics and the Pythagorean Theorem
By James Overduin and Richard Conn Henry

Quote as: J. Overduin and R. C. Henry, "Physics and the Pythagorean Theorem,"
Minkowski Institute Magazine, 6 September 2020

        Quantum Relativity Unification
By Estelle Asmodelle

Quote as: E. Asmodelle, "Quantum Relativity Unification,"
Minkowski Institute Magazine, 6 September 2020

         The Quadruple Scientific Tragedy involved in the Discovery of Spacetime Physics
By Vesselin Petkov

Quote as: V. Petkov, "The Quadruple Scientific Tragedy involved in the Discovery
of Spacetime Physics,"
Minkowski Institute Magazine, 19 February 2023

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